Nutrition Counseling for Weight Loss

Whether you’re experiencing weight gain, weight loss or an eating disorder, a trusted team of dietitians can help you reach your goals. These conditions can be difficult to manage on your own, but nutrition counseling seeks to develop an actionable plan to achieve a healthier you. 

At FoodandFitnessPro, we are experts in weight management, providing you with the guidance and support you need to develop a healthy relationship with food. We’ll offer proven ways to transform your attitude about nutrition, helping you get your health and life back. 

About Our Weight Management Specialty 

We understand that each individual is unique, so we customize your personal weight loss plans. You’ll work with a dietitian who will help you manage your nutrition and weight based on your needs and goals.

Here’s how our process works: 

  1. Meet one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist: We’ll pair you with a skilled Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist to ensure you receive specialized, individual attention and recommendations. Our Health Professionals are available for in-person and virtual appointments.
  2. Develop a nutrition strategy: We’ll schedule a one-hour consultation to learn more about important details like your current lifestyle, routine, energy, food preferences and fitness. This information will help our team establish short- and long-term goals, as well as your overall nutrition strategy.  
  3. Follow up during weekly sessions: To help you stay on track toward reaching your goals, we’ll schedule 30-minute sessions each week. During this time, we’ll review your experience over the past week and develop a plan for the upcoming week. 

Benefits of Starting Weight Management Counseling 

When you’re making progress toward your weight management goals, having support every step of the way can make it easier for you to develop lifelong habits that encourage success. 

Working with a dietitian for weight loss, weight gain or an eating disorder helps you learn how to think differently about food and lifestyle choices. You’ll develop skills to incorporate positive nutritional changes into your daily routine.

Having structure and accountability make habit-building and staying on track much easier. We’ll also make sure you have the guidance needed to navigate common challenges during your weight management journey.  

How FoodandFitnessPro Can Help 

At FoodandFitnessPro, our award-winning team of Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists and Health Professionals is ready to help you manage your health conditions and reach your goals. Our structured weight loss program equips you with nutrition education to transform how you feel.

As part of our weight management counseling, we offer body fat testing so you can keep up with your progress each month. Depending on your needs, you can receive additional services like metabolic testing, which helps to determine how many calories you need to reach your goals, or grocery store tours, which help you learn how to make healthier purchases. 

Start Working With a Registered Dietitian Today 

Ready to get started on a journey towards a healthier you? With three Long Island locations and telehealth available, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to work with a nutritionist for weight gain, weight loss or an eating disorder.

Reach out today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.  

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