Corporate Wellness Programs

Your employees are the backbone of your workplace. By investing in their health and wellness, you’ll be directly impacting your business’s overall productivity.

FoodandFitnessPro will help you reach your goals no matter what your needs are through our corporate health and wellness program. Create a healthier and happier team and experience a priceless return on your investment.

About Our Corporate Wellness Program

As part of our corporate wellness program, we take the time to learn what makes your workforce unique. We develop programs that will work for the individuals on your team and help push your office toward personal and professional goals.

Your employees will learn more about health and wellness from engaging Lunch ‘n’ Learn presentations to customized lecture series. With office-hours-style nutrition counseling and meal preparation demonstrations, employees will learn how nutrition and fitness — both at home and in the workplace — can deliver results and change their personal and professional lives.

To motivate your team, we’ll help you set up friendly weight competitions that everyone will enjoy participating in. Making healthy choices doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team can also take your team on grocery store tours to provide extra guidance and support. 

No matter what your office’s wellness goals are, we’ve designed a simple process to help you get started:

Benefits of Health Programs for the Workplace

At FoodandFitnessPro, we are committed to providing all kinds of workplaces with the education, tools and support needed to manage weight and develop healthy habits. Each employee will learn how to take control of their health and reach their individual goals.

Because these kinds of weight and nutrition goals can be challenging to achieve on your own, we provide the structure needed for your team to stay on track and navigate the challenges they face. By offering support every step of the way, we make it easier for your team to learn new skills, stay on track and adopt a new healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Started

Interested in nutrition counseling for your employees? Getting started with FoodandFitnessPro is easier than ever. We have three Long Island locations and offer telehealth for your convenience.

Our registered dietitians are ready to help your entire team begin their health and fitness journey. Fill out our contact form today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.

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