How Can I Have a Healthy Thanksgiving?

If you or someone you know wants to learn how they can make their Thanksgiving dinner healthier, or is interested in weight loss programs on Long Island, our team at Food and Fitness Pro can help!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is best known for the bounty of food served in family households across the United States. It’s a holiday for being thankful and celebrating all that the world has given us but who can forget about the food? Every year Americans consume on average 3,000- 4,500 calories in their Thanksgiving meal. That’s more than most people’s recommended amount of daily calories eaten in one meal. There are lots of simple ways to avoid over-consuming on Thanksgiving and even some healthier ways to make the same great food without the excessive amount of calories. If you are trying to stay healthy this Thanksgiving and looking for weight loss programs on Long Island than Food and Fitness Pro can help you! 

Helpful Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving


    • Don’t skip breakfast- Many people skip their breakfast the morning of Thanksgiving to save their appetite, but you should avoid doing this! Eating in the morning helps with your body’s digestion of food for the rest of the day. Also, it can lead to overeating at mealtime.


    • Get active- A great way to make sure you avoid over-consuming calories is by creating a caloric surplus. Going for a run, working out, even playing some football with family can help burn off excess calories and ready your metabolism.


    • Avoid overusing ingredients in recipes that add unnecessary calories. Most recipes require more than what is needed and if you skim some salt or sugar off the recipe no one would notice! 

    • Chew slowly- Enjoy your food! If you chew very fast it can lead to overeating so slow down and enjoy your food. You will feel fuller faster if you eat slower! 


    • Skip out on seconds and watch the alcohol intake- It is easy to overdo it with alcohol and end up consuming more calories than intended.


    • Make sure you hydrate- drink lots of water! Being dehydrated may lead to feeling less full and eating more than you need to.

Weight Loss Programs On Long Island

If you are struggling to find healthy ways to eat or need to develop a healthier relationship with food, Food and Fitness Pro can help! Our specialties include: 


    • Diabetes and Prediabetes 

    • Weight management and weight loss 

    • Insulin Resistance 

    • Thyroid Disorders 

    • And more! 

We can help you find ways to manage your condition and how you can begin to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you need help developing weight loss programs on Long Island call us today or reach out to us online. We have locations in Hicksville, Melville, and Commack so make an appointment today! 

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