7 Natural Sugar Substitutes for a Healthy Diet

Got a sweet tooth? You’re not alone.

Sugar has become a fundamental part of the American diet. In fact, the average American eats approximately 20 teaspoons of sugar—every single day!

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, it can be nearly impossible to avoid sugar. It is found in everything from sweetened drinks to processed foods. Unfortunately, too much sugar will negatively affect your health.

Some adverse effects from too much sugar include:

  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Tooth decay and cavities
  • Memory issues
  • Increased risk of dementia
  • Sugar can also interfere with hormones in your body that regulate hunger, leading to increased calorie intake and weight gain.
  • Often, added stress will have you reaching for sugar. Managing your stress will help you fight off the sugar cravings and avoid an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

So how do you make sure you maintain a healthy diet while avoiding too much sugar? Fortunately, a wide range of natural sugar substitutes and sweeteners are available to

help reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. 

Here’s a list of healthy sugar substitutes:

● Agave nectar

● Coconut sugar

● Monk fruit extracts

● Date paste

● Maple syrup

● Stevia extracts

● Molasses

Healthy Sugar Replacements for Coffee

Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar? Many of us do. But we’re often getting almost half of our daily allowance of sugar—in our coffee alone! How do you get that added creamy sweetness to your coffee while avoiding too much sugar? 

Here are some healthy sugar alternatives to try in your coffee:

  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • Maple Syrup
  • Agave nectar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Coconut sugar

If you’re the type of coffee drinker that likes a little sweetness in your coffee, explore some of these healthier sugar substitutes that will still give you the sweet delight that you’re looking for.

How to reduce sugar in your diet:

There are lots of ways to find natural substitutes for sugar by just getting a little creative. 

  • Choose water or calorie-free beverages instead of sugary sodas and drinks
  • Avoid fruit juices
  • Use honey and fresh fruits to sweeten plain yogurt
  • Instead of reaching for candy, try a hot chocolate drink that is low calorie and sugar-free
  • When you need a quick snack, reach for sweet fruit (such as grapes), low-fat cheese, or whole-wheat crackers
  • Try some unsweetened options, such as applesauce or nut butter
  • Add flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, or citrus to give your food and drinks that extra boost of sweetness
  • Find delicious, no sugar cookie recipes that are easy to make and guilt-free 

And always read labels! Sugar is often hiding in foods that you would not expect, like spaghetti sauce and breads. Watch out for terms like corn sweetener, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, high-fructose, corn syrup, malt syrup, sucrose, and maltose. You want to try to avoid these forms of sugar as much as possible.

The good news is that you can cut your sugar consumption quite a bit by just following a few simple, healthy steps.

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