Healthy Starbucks Choices

There are plenty of calorie-packed, sugary drinks available at Starbucks. But here are some ways to hit those caffeine cravings without destroying your health goals!
eight healthy options for your caffeine fix

Coffee and tea are loaded with antioxidants which can help aid the prevention of chronic disease.  Both beverages are beneficial in moderation.

Here are eight healthy options for your caffeine fix:

1. Caffe Americano or Iced Caffe Americano – made with black coffee and water.
2. Cappuccinos – with skim or low-fat milk and a dash of cinnamon or vanilla can add flavor without added sugar.
3. Nitro Brewed Coffee – infused coffee with nitrogen gas allows for a thick rich beverage without adding sugar or cream. 
4. Brewed Teas – teas have about half the caffeine as coffee drinks and adjust the flavor based on brewing time.
5. Iced London fog tea latte – skip the vanilla syrup and add a dash of turmeric for an added anti-inflammatory benefit.
6. Teavana sparkling unsweetened peach nectarine green tea – a great sparkling alternative to sodas that are loaded with sugar.
7. Iced Matcha green tea latte – a concentrated source of antioxidants; opt for one scoop of matcha power instead of two to cut back on sugar and choose skim or low-fat milk.
8. Iced passion tango tea – a caffeine-free refreshing, colorful drink shaken with ice. 

Note: always opt for skim milk or unsweetened almond or coconut milk options. If you need flavor – use a sugar-free version, or add a dash of cinnamon, vanilla, or turmeric. 

Insider tip: there is a size called “Short,” which is smaller than tall (only 8oz) – but you have to request it – to reduce sugar and calories.  Sticking to the basics without additives and adding natural spices will help keep the calorie count low and still packed with flavor. 

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