Getting Back On Track For The Fall

As October approaches we’ve all put the summer behind us and stepped into the busy season of fall. Mornings are again crammed with packing lunches and squeezing in your early morning workout. Now, nights are plagued by the exhaustion around planning dinners.
Not to mention the damage that was done to your otherwise healthy diet by the many summer BBQs, well-deserved vacations, an extra cocktail during the week and the irregular sleep schedule.
Before you let the anxiety of feeling like you will never get back on track overwhelm you, we have a few small suggestions that will help make all the difference:

1.Commit to a realistic workout routine.

If you took the summer off from your M/W/F bootcamp routine don’t expect to jump right back into it without a hiccup. Aim for one workout at first, then two, then three. Having unrealistic expectations will set you up to fail and can easily discourage you from getting back on track. Remember the similar struggle you had during this season just a year ago. We go through this each year and while it seems daunting now, it will get easier!

2.Food shop on the weekend, meal plan and prep as best as you can.

There is no question that fall is one of the busiest times of the year and it can be a shocking change from summer. You can’t expect to hop back into the swing of things if you are not prepared. Make a grocery list. Cook some healthy dinners that you can freeze. Prep on the weekends so that your weekdays are less hectic. And if the meal planning fails at first, don’t be discouraged. Save time with quick and easy crockpot meals.

3.Get your household back on a regular sleep schedule.

During the summer we often stay up later wanting to enjoy the nice weather and take advantage of the outdoor activities that warm weather allows for. We know that getting back into a good routine that will ensure everyone gets enough sleep is not easy. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier each day. Avoid the morning rush. And, don’t be afraid to go to bed earlier. It is a misconception that adults don’t need as much sleep as children.  Your body will thank you for getting a full night’s sleep.

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