Enjoying Halloween The Healthy Way

There can be a lot of anxiety around Halloween for those who are health conscious. We worry about ourselves and for those who have kids, we worry about our children as well. The holiday has been known for a long time as a day filled with candy and unhealthy treats.
You don’t have to take the fun out of Halloween to remain healthy and eat well! Here is a list of ways to add excitement into the holiday so you and the people around you won’t even notice the lack of candy. By incorporating these ideas you can sleep well knowing you did something good for yourself and your family.

1.Start the night with a fun activity or game prior to trick-or-treating so that there is less time to collect candy.

Get everyone together to bob for apples, have a costume contest/parade, pin the hat on the witch, paint pumpkins, or dance to ‘Monster Mash’! Doing something active will burn calories before you have a treat!

2.Fill up on a healthy meal or healthier snacks so that you have less room for candy.

Having a healthy dinner will help to fill you up and ease your guilt if you have too many treats. Make healthier treats for everyone:

  • Mini-pumpkin muffins instead of cupcakes for added Vitamin A
  • Add food coloring (orange, purple, and green) to white chocolate for ‘spooky’ white chocolate covered strawberries and bananas with antioxidants
  • Similarly add food coloring to ranch dressing dip for Halloween style carrot and celery dip with a good source of beta carotene
  • Make cinnamon sugar popcorn for a low-calorie, fiber filled snack

3.Don’t eat all of the candy in one night.

Pick out the candy that you and your family want to eat that night and freeze the rest for another time. You can also donate a portion of your candy to a local shelter or children’s hospital.

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