Diet Foods for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, refers to the amount of pressure your blood is forcing on the inside of your artery walls. In most cases, patients with high blood pressure won’t experience any symptoms or side effects. The danger of not treating high blood pressure is that it can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and a slew of other serious health problems. One way those suffering from high blood pressure can help keep it under control is by eating a specific diet plan. If you are currently struggling with high blood pressure, visit with our skilled nutritionist on Long Island at Food and Fitness Pro to learn the ways you can improve your condition through diet and exercise.

Here is a list of foods that can help reduce high blood pressure and the various factors that go along with it:

  • Leafy greens that are high in potassium such as arugula, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, and swiss chard. The Potassium helps to excrete the sodium present in your body, therefore lowering your blood pressure.
  • Skim milk and low-fat yogurt are great in helping to lower blood pressure levels. Low-fat yogurts can also keep you fuller for longer which is a key tool when trying to lose overall body fat.
  • Oatmeal is an amazing, low-blood pressure friendly food that can help fuel you for the day. It’s full of fiber to help keep you satisfied and it also contains low amounts of sodium and fat.  
  • Fatty fish rich in omega-3’s such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are great options to get lean sources of protein into your diet. Not only do they help to lower blood pressure but they also decrease inflammation and lower triglycerides.
  • Pistachios lower blood pressure by reducing the amount of peripheral vascular resistance on your arteries. It’s an easy and quick snack on-the-go that can help keep your high blood pressure under control.

The DASH Diet

When discussing a diet that helps to lower high blood pressure, it is often referred to as the DASH Diet, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet not only places an emphasis on foods proven to lower blood pressure but also on foods aiming to reduce the intake of fat, alcohol, and sodium. This can help to strengthen your overall heart health. It is recommended that you try to limit sodium intake to 1,500 mg per day. As for alcohol, it is highly suggested to have little to none as this can have adverse effects on the rest of your diet plan.

Nutritionist on Long Island

If you are searching for a nutritionist on Long Island, get in touch with us at Food and Fitness Pro. We offer a wide range of services that specialize in helping you to manage your health conditions through diet and exercise. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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