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Holidays present many opportunities to gather with family and friends, changing our regular schedules and day-to-day habits. Long hours and endless events can make staying healthy during the holidays more challenging than usual. Check out these ways to enjoy the festive season while staying on track with your health and nutrition goals.  1. Plan Your …

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Seasonal gatherings shared with family and friends often include festive beverages. Explore how to celebrate the season with these nine healthy holiday drinks. 1. Hot Chocolate A warm mug of hot chocolate feels comforting on cold days throughout winter. For a treat with less sugar, try melting dark chocolate of at least 70% cocoa in …

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Meal prepping is an excellent way to develop a healthy lifestyle and ensure you eat wholesome meals as you go through the week. There are many ways to accomplish successful meal prep, and you can use various techniques to craft delicious dishes that keep you full.  Whether you want to control weight loss, eat healthier …

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