Are The Natural Sugars Found in Fruit Bad For You?

According to some of the more recent research in the industry, there are suggestions that sugars in all forms can have negative side effects. Fruits contain natural sugars which are a mixture of glucose and fructose. While some individuals believe that fructose is harmful, this is not exactly the case. The type of sugar that you should aim to limit is added sugars which are the ones found in soda and highly processed foods. When you limit yourself from this type of sugar, you’re on your way to achieving Weight Loss in Nassau County, NY. 

The Benefits of Eating Fruit – What are they?

With the myth that the sugars in fruit are just as bad for you as added/processed sugars, you may have decided to limit your fruit intake or stop consuming the fruit altogether. The team at FoodandFitnessPro does not recommend cutting fruit out of your diet, as consuming quality fruit has several dietary benefits. Among some of the health benefits of regular fruit consumption are:

  • Increased fiber intake – Fiber can help a person feel more full for an extended period. This can help reduce your desire for excess food, nourish your healthful bacteria and assist you with your goal to achieve weight loss in Nassau County, NY. Blood glucose will also remain more consistent, which is critical for people with diabetes.
  • Reduced sugar consumption – If you replace sweet snacks with fruit, you are more likely to consume less sugar and fewer calories. Additionally, substituting fruit for processed snacks with added sugars can satisfy your sweet tooth in a much healthier fashion.
  • Improved overall health – Regular fruit consumption has been known to lower the risk of several health-related conditions such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and it can even lower the risk of potentially suffering a stroke. 
  • Higher Potassium consumption: Almost all fruits contain high levels of potassium, which has many benefits including reducing the risk for heart disease, stroke, and kidney stones.
  • Reduced risk of birth defects: Fruits contain what is known as folate, or folic acid, which aids in the formation of red blood cells in the body. Pregnant women can benefit from high folate consumption as it can help to prevent neural tube birth defects like spina bifida.

Remember, whole fruit is always a better choice than packaged and processed fruits or snacks claiming to contain “real fruit.” These often have added sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium and preservatives that are added to extend their shelf life. Fruit juices also tend to be loaded with large amounts of added sugars. To reap all of the health benefits associated with fruit consumption, the team at FoodandFitnessPro recommends eating fruit in its most natural form. Additionally, if possible, we recommend purchasing organic fruits to avoid unnecessary pesticide consumption and genetically modified fruits. If you cannot purchase organic, be sure to clean fruit thoroughly before consumption.

Weight Loss in Nassau County, NY

Hopefully, we have put to rest the myth that the sugars naturally found in fruits are unhealthy for consumers. Avoiding fruits would be doing your body and overall health a disservice, so be sure to load up on them when you can! However, you should be sure to pass on processed foods and beverages loaded with added sugars and fillers. If you have any additional questions about our services that involve weight loss in Nassau County, NY, be sure to contact us today! 

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